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Vats Filtration Technologies Private Limited

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bonflow Vats "bonflow" is a rigid, graded-density filter cartridge constructed primarily of cellulose fibers, and a tough, chemically resistant thermosetting melamine resin. The proprietary manufacturing process results in more fibers towards the center core region, creating a graded-density structure. The thermosetting resin "bonds" the fibers by cross-linking the resin and cellulose resulting into a permanent rigid matrix.  Vats’ "bonflow" cartridges are grooved to significantly increase the surface area and extend the service life. Vatsbonflow" is manufactured and tested to deliver quality, consistency, and absolute cost effective filtration performance. Vats’ in-process quality assurance provides the control that results in consistent cartridges with defined ratings time-after-time.
Features Applications
Nominal rated cartridge filters from 50 to 0.2 microns
Rigid resin bonded structure
Grooved surface with graded-density internal morphology
100°C high temperature option (can be steam sterilized)
No metal or plastic cores
Available with polypropylene or polyester end modifications
High filtration efficiency at the specified removal rating
No by-pass or unloading at high differential pressure
Significantly longer life
Choice of temperature compatible options
Easy disposal, suitable for incineration or shredding
Retrofit any industrial housing
Consistent production yields with absolute contaminant retention
Consistent product quality throughout the filter's life
Cost effective filtration with optimized yields
Inventory one product for many applications
Disposal cost reduction
Usable in existing filter housings
Technical Specifications
Material of Construction Cellulose Melamine
Micron Rating From 50µ to 0.2µ (nominal and absolute)
Length From 4" to 40" and as per requirement
Viscosity Range < 1 cst to 10,000 cst
Operating Temperature Up to 100deg C and can be sterilized up to 120deg C
Operating Pressure Up to 1 kg/cm2
Collapse Pressure Up to 7 kg/cm2
Flow-rate 500ltr/hr to 600ltr/hr for 10” cartridge

Vats’ "bonflow" --The Clear Solution

Vats continues an 15 year tradition of innovative, cost effective solutions to challenging industrial filtration applications with Vats’ "bonflow".  Vats’ "bonflow" is truly graded density, high efficiency, nominal rated, rigid (non-compressible) resin bonded filter cartridge.

Consistent quality and performance with high efficiency cartridges from 0.2 to 50 microns make Vatsbonflow" the clear choice in the confusing world of indistinguishable "me too" cartridge filters.

Consistent Performance

Rigid structure Vats "bonflow" provides consistent performance.  Unlike many competitors, Vats "bonflow" does not unload or lose filtration efficiency throughout its usable life!  Rigid, graded density & grooved structure, provides a significant life advantage over the competition!
Vats provides quality solutions throughout India for the most challenging filtration applications. Vats filtration systems include clarifying filters, pre-filters, final filters, stainless steel housings and engineered skid-mounted systems designed and sized for specific applications.
Vats "bonflow" filters are food grade filter elements confirms to FDA specification.
Please find the toxicity certification which conforms the liquid filtered through Vats "bonflow" does not get contaminated and can be of inject able quality.

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