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fluent_ultraA fluent_ultra Reduce Down Time and Maintainance Costs

  • Maintain oil cleanliness level below NAS 4
  • Maintain moisture level below 200 ppm
  • Higher dirt holding capacity media
  • works for mineral oil & glycol-water


Comparative Media Performance

Media Properties Glass Fiber Cartridge Electrostatic Paper Wound Centrifuge Fluent with "Lucida" Media
Cleanliness Excellent < NAS 4 NAS 7 NAS 8 NAS 10 Excellent < NAS 4
Water Removal Does Not Remove Can't work with moisture Possible by consuming media Free Moisture
Separation Possible
Maintains dissolve
moisture < 200 ppm
Viscosity Range 0-600 cst 0-200 cst 0-100 cst 0-100 cst 0-1000 cst
Mineral Oil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes For All Fluids With Same Element
Glycol-Water, phosphate ester Possible with same element Does not work Can't use same element Possible
Dirt Holding Capacity Very Low Moderate Moderate NA Very High
Operating Cost Very High Moderate Moderate High Very Low
Capital Cost Low Moderate Moderate High Moderate

Overall Performance






Surface Filter (Glass Fiber Pleated Media )

Surface Filter
High Qualitity Filtration :
The impt of cleanliness is well known .Installation of "Fluent "dilivers the oil with <NAS 4.
Our eeperence is that ,effectively installed "fluent " reduces the down time by 80% at the same time maintainance cost also reduces by 80%.

Moisture Removal:

Moisture in the oil is second removal containant. mMost of the time moisture is detected when electrostatic oil cleaning
machine gets cleaning machine gets tripped or emlusion gets formed. It is to late to notice the moisture containent &remove it by vacuum dehydration .

Vats "lucida" Graded densitity media very high dirt holding capicity
Very High Dirt holding Capicity
Fluents is installed with Vats make "lucida" filter elements. "Lucida is manufactured with a graded densitity
construction ,which accomodates very high amount of dirt ,thus reduses the operation cost.

Universal Media for various Fluids
Vats"Lucida" is equally suitable for both the types of hydraulic fluids i.e. mineral oil & glycol mixture.


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