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Vats Filtration Technologies Private Limited

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Consistent Performance

Rigid structure Vats "bonflow" provides consistent performance. Unlike many competitors (PP elements), Vats "bonflow" does not unload or lose filtration efficiency throughout its usable life! Rigid graded density, grooved structure, provides a significant life advantage over the competition!

Vats provides quality solutions throughout India for the most challenging filtration applications. Vats filtration systems include clarifying filters, pre-filters, final filters, stainless steel housings and engineered skid-mounted systems designed and sized for specific applications.

Many of the pharmaceutical process application particularly inject able, IV, WFI, etc. the number of filters in series. Typically it is

For majority of applications imported membrane cartridges or flat sheet membranes are used.

The innovative cost effective, technical solution for pharmaceutical process fluid is to replace with Vats "bonflow" cartridge as pre filter to last validated final cartridge such as

This will take all the load going on last validated filter so as to increase the life of last filter. If all above is implemented efficiently it is possible for more than 50 % saving on filtration cost keeping all the quality parameters same.

For many inject-able application filtration system need to be sterilized by steam. Vats "bonflow" is capable of holding steam temperature up to 120°C for 30 min (sterilizing cycle), and consistent operating temperature of 90°C

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