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Vats Filtration Technologies Private Limited

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Vats continues a tradition of innovative, cost effective solutions to challenging industrial filtration applications. Vats "bonflow" is truly absolute rated, rigid (non-compressible) resin bonded filter cartridge, for most appropriate Techno-Economic Filtration solution. After indepth study of various industrial applications, Vats has developed "bonflow" filter elements to suit the variety of chemical filtration applications.

The Key Requirements for Various Chemical Filtrations

  • Chemical Compatibility
  • Resistance to Higher Temperature
  • Resistance to Deviation of Composition
  • Consistent Performance at Any Temperature and Composition Conditions
  • Consistent Performance Even if Particulate Load at Input Varies

Vats has Developed Wide Range of Applications, Such as

Water & water based chemicals, Organic, Inorganic solutions, Mineral salt, Oil, Solvents, etc. Refer Compatibility Chart for details. Vats "bonflow" are compatible for almost all organic solvents, inorganic chemicals, various amines, aggressive chemicals and most of the chemicals.

Typical Application Base

  • Finish (Polish)
  • Shelf Life
  • Activated Carbon Powder Removal, Taste, Odour, Etc.

Product Range Includes

  • 50µ to 0.2µ Nominal Rated Cartridges in Lengths from 4” to 40”
  • Stainless Steel Housing for Single as well as Multiple Cartridges
  • PP Housing
  • PP Cartridges Wound/ Spun
The most important parameter is that this "bonflow" element performs with the same efficiency for high temperature up to 90°C continuous operation.
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