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Vats Filtration Technologies Private Limited

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Some of the Hydraulic Oil Applications

  1. For offline filtration to existing hydro-power packs to get nass value less than 5 by physical filtration.
  2. For replacement of existing electrostatic filtration or as pre filter to electrostatic filtration machines.
  3. For specific job with complete pre filtration and final filtration for optimizing filtration cost.
  4. Retrofitting the imported/ non standard filter elements.

Any of the option makes the system cost effective, primarily because of the cost of filter element. Secondly all the elements are manufactured in India, so the service and expertise is available very easily.


The Innovative Filtration System from the House of Vats for Hydraulic Oil

With advantage of Cartridge Filter ( i.e. Resin Bonded Cellulose [ RBC ] Cartridge Filters ) it is most advantageous to use these elements for offline filtration for hydraulic oil. Offline filtration system consist of Pump, Filter Housing, Instrumentation,etc. installed on the trolley.

The Difference Between the Many Present and Vats

  • High Flow Rate
  • Easy to Get Operating Quality with Minimum Passes
  • Very Low Electricity Consumption
  • No Effect of Being Moisture Present in Oil for Getting Desired Nass Level

One of Offline Filtration System is Electrostatic Filtration

In Electrostatic Filtration, high voltage is applied between two flat sheet electrodes, in the presence of contaminated oil. The particles get charged and these charged particles are trapped in media, which is placed between two plates.


Limitation of Electrostatic Filtration

  • The Rate of Filtration is Low
  • Due to low flow rate, time required for batch filtration is high so the filtration is to be planned in advance
  • High electricity consumption, resulting in higher cost of filtration
  • Filtration unit is bulky, so occupies higher floor area
  • In case of moisture present in oil, the current drawn from the system is high. As an effect of the same the machine trips off
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